Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SIKH sense will pay dividends

Every sikh who brings joy and reputation to his communty and the country whatever it may be is really a joy. It is a form of sewa a true sikh is entotled to perform. Especially at a time when sikhs are mistaken for muslims and hatread attacks increase, the comming of sikhs as role models and international celebrities will be of paramount importance. It helps us spread the word that we are different religious community and we are sikhs. Currently, Panessar is becoming a national icon in UK. It is a huge relief for not only sikhs but for people of subcontinental origin . It was not too long ago fans with fake beards and stockings as PATKA tried to resemble to him.Read this article which appeared in UK times on SIKH SENSE

Sikh sense will pay dividendsBy Kevin Eason
Bowler’s marketability has no boundaries
CRICKETERS rarely make the cover of a men’s magazine but the stampede to become part of the Monty Panesar phenomenon is gathering momentum. From struggling to make £30,000-a-year with one of England’s poorest county clubs, Panesar could become one of the sport’s highest earners through sponsorship and endorsements.
England’s first Sikh cricketer has a profile that sponsors and marketing companies crave: young, charismatic, successful — and Asian. The lad from Luton, whose family hail from the Punjab, can provide the inspiration for a generation of Asians who might believe that they are excluded from British sport. Panesar has proved that does not have to be the case, which has set the phones ringing at athletes1, his management company. The first was from Esquire magazine, whose frontcover fodder is usually blonde supermodels and footballers, not a shy Sikh cricketer who doesn’t get drunk in nightclubs, is universally liked and seems never to have a bad word for anyone ( May be a good example for some young sikhs in Punjab who are shy to be sikhs ).

But Panesar is different, which is why he is on the brink of a breakthrough. Eddie Tolchard, athlete1’s cricket manager, said last night: “You can understand why people want to be associated with Monty. He is a cult figure and the crowds love him. He clearly has a unique selling point in that he is Asian and appeals to a huge market across Britain that is so far unexplored.”

Given a regular place in the England side, Panesar could find that his earnings potential has no boundaries. Apart from lucrative endorsements, personal appearances that could pay as much as £10,000 a time and sponsor income, such as free cars and watches, Panesar is likely to be sought to promote inter-racial harmony.


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