Saturday, May 27, 2006


Gurudwara means the abode of Guru. This is the sikh equivalent of a church for christians, Synagogue for Jews and a temple for Buddhists. Sometimes it is called a sikh temple in English lierature.

Unlike Buddhist and Hindu temples, a gurudwara does not have statues and sikhs do not pay homages to idols.Their veneration goes to Sri Guru granth sahib, a book which has verses from gurus.It includes verses from other religious saints also. Sikhs all over the world consider Guru Granth Sahib ji as their living guru as it contains the path to follow for a sikh.It is enshrined within a gurudwara with all due respect.

Sikhs are willing to lay down their lives for the living guru.The best recent example was reported during the Catrina huricane in New Orleans. In the deluge, devotees risked their lives to save the living guru from being caught in the deluge.

Believers of all faiths can visit a gurudwara provided that they cover their heaads by a scarff.
Harimandir sahib ji ( Photo) at Amritsar, India is the main Gurudwara of sikhs all over the world

Woud you like to visit a Guru Dwara and see its lay out?????

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