Sunday, June 04, 2006


Monty is becomming a cult figure in England.As reported by Guardian, there were four men in Hound Road wearing fake beards and stockings in their heads simulating a Dastar. This happens in a moment when he displayed his skill in left arm leg spinners against Lankans having captured 3 wickets. He has the potential to be a weapon in the England's spin department for many years to come if he improves his sloppy fielding.
Monty is confident of chasing a record total by his team mates against Lankans.
"We'd probably like to bowl them out under 300," he conceded. "Anything 350-plus would probably be challenging - but we're pretty confident we should be fine with anything below 350."
On his best test figures to date , sardar says
"I tried to stay patient with myself, create pressure, tried to ignore other factors and do what's best for the team," Read Former England international Derek Pringle column
Optimism is good because it is a driving factor for anyone to move forward. It is much relevant for Monty as sikhs we are very optimistic, have no nonsense approach and fight till the last moment for a just cause.It is really encouraging to hear this kind of optimism for a diaspora sikh and it does give optimism to the community as we see the qualities being instilled in diaspora kids.
The other day , I read about the sikh lady who got into the UK police force. This should be appreciated as a lead for other sikh women.Sikhism emerged at a time women's rights were severly resticted in the sub continent and Sikhs always stood for Gender Equity. Sikhism and Buddhism are the only religions which did not supress women's rights among the religions that erupted in the Indian Subcontinent . A few days before that the sikh net reported the story of the brave sardarani who petrolled the streets of Kabul being a part of American Contingent. The sikh diaspora is widespread and opportunities are for grab.It is the duty of the kids growing up in many parts of the world to grab these opportunities while safeguarding the rich heritage that their parents passed on to them from the Adi Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
Jo Bolay So Nihal Sat Sri Akal


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