Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Aussies are plotting.It is in their bloods when it comes to sports. Find a weak link and exploit it to the maximum. Drag the victim to a Psychological warfare. Get him down psychologically and make him suffer in performance. Aussie fans are experts in this war.Their journalists declare war when the tours are in embryonic stages.But the strongest who can tolerate this toughness will emerge the winner.This is the greatness of Aussies.They are tough nuts to be cracked.Take Steve, He is a real rock solid guy and a great example to many cricketers. But, if you are soft and weak, it will bring your downfall.
Let me give you some examples. Murali's story was history.He is tormented so much by the irritability of Aussie fans so , now he has expressed " enough is enough". He will not tour down under anymore to feel embarrased by rising waves of shouts " chucker".Then came the turn of West Indian HINDUS. Sarwan was different.Though of Asian Descent, He has the guts of Afro Carribean patriot " Sir Viv Richards".He fought fire with fire. Issue was not prolonged.It died on the spot.
England are the hot blokes on the block. Ageing aussies lost Ashes in England.According to opinion polls, that is the most disgarceful sporting defeat for Aussies.It was intolerable for a sport hardned nation.Prospects are gloomy for a favourable outcome in the Ashes in their own backyard. So, the war has started.They have a target. A soft target, as they presume. Monty, for his poor fielding. The things to come by is in an article apperaed in the AGE.This is how it goes. Fun is all around OZ after the current " MONTY GOES TO LORDS" comedy series against SL.
"ENGLAND'S new left-arm spinner Monty Panesar may sport a turban and be of Indian Sikh extraction but it's not racial taunts from Australian crowds that he should be worried about if, as expected, he is chosen for next summer's much-awaited Ashes series. The tour is still five months away but already the pundits are fearing the worst for Turbanator II because of his atrocious fielding, which is so bad that he is already being compared to two of the worst the game has known — Phil Tufnell and Bishen Bedi. It came under scrutiny during England's just-completed second Test against Sri Lanka at Edgbaston, where he made a series of errors including missing a regulation catch at mid-off to dismiss Lasith Malinga before the Sri Lankan had scored, thus allowing a scoreline of 8-82 to become 141. And every time he touched the ball after that he was cheered, and he got even bigger cheers on the numerous occasions he misfielded. Well, all of this has got England cricket fans shuddering about what awaits him Down Under. Former England captain Michael Atherton, who copped plenty from Aussie fans in his time, is one who fears for Panesar, explaining in his column in England's Sunday Telegraph that if his fielding doesn't improve the Aussie crowds "will hit him with the kind of derision that, in the last decade, they reserved solely for Phil Tufnell". Lawrence Booth, who writes a column called The Spin in The Guardian, took a similar tack. "The Australians will be noting all of this down and resolving to take a single every time the ball goes to Panesar. Unless he's on the boundary, when they will take two."
EVEN the fans are taking the mickey out of poor ol' Panesar. In a special "Monty Panesar Fielding Appreciation Society" address created on a website cricket forum, one writer, " J K Lever" wrote: "Can we seriously take this bloke to Oz? He will get eaten alive by the crowds for his fielding … methinks his throwing arm will be tested at some of the larger grounds in Oz, too. I shudder to think of Melbourne." Personally, we can't wait to see him. By the way, Henry Blofeld already has a nickname for Panesar — he refers to him as Monty Python
Will he be a weak link? May be he is poor in fielding? But, remeber he is a son of " Saint solider GURU GOBIND SINGH JI". He necessarily should have the grit, determination, valour, self respect instilled in Khalsa members by it's founder. Khalsa members will not lay down their efforts, come what adversity. Ashes is a war. Monty has to defend his motherland. Sikhs will lay down their lives to a just, right cause. Will the Aussie fans be able to unsettle the will of a khalsa man by shouting rubbish.

Monty do not worry. Listen to a shabad sung by great aussie sardar" DYA SINGH".Roll your arms what ever cahnt is heard in the stands of the park.No cry is stronger than "
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