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Wanna know what turbantor - 1( Harbhajan Singh -Bhaji) doing in West Indies ? Just click on these lines .Here he is playing Warri

"Harbhajan Singh wracks his brains over a game of Warri, a pastime that the locals introduce him to. Warri is played in India as well – it's known as Pallanguzhi in Tamil – but, going by the mystified looks, none of the Indians seemed to have heard of it". writes cric info's S.Vaidyanathan

It is great to see two sikh warriors in action simultaneously in the two ends of the world

Turbanator 1- Harbhajan Singh( India Vs Windies)
Turbanator-2-Monty Panessar (England Vs Sri Lanka)

Turbanator 2 ( MONTY) updates

“The dominant eye had to work overtime and became tired,” Mr Goudriaan said. “That is when your hand-eye co-ordination starts to go down. I noticed he did not seem to be 100 per cent.
“They realised that his left eye was slightly awry. They gave him new lenses immediately. Eyes are muscles and they take a couple of weeks or so to adjust, so hopefully by now he will be all right. It takes more than that to take or drop a catch, but it may be a factor.” writes Richard Hobson of Times in "
New look may help Monty's fielding - Times England ",,2-2205768.html

Do English want to make fun out of Monty ?
Time for Panesar to play catch upBy Derek Pringle - Telegraph

Fragile Monty must be handled with care _ Sunday Times

“Go home and concentrate on your cricket, give it your passion,” a Sikh guru once advised Panesar. The passion is unquestionable; a little faith from his own team is needed or the first Sikh to play for England will be remembered more as a cultural than cricketing phenomenon.

It is refreshing to hear that another great sikh individual Bishen Singh Bedi worked with Monty to improve his craft.In the article by Andrew Long Moore in the Times(UK), Bedi has praised Monty's quiet humility and his eagerness to know more of his craft. Bedi has furter added that “With great players, you have to work on their greatness,” .What England need is just not to make fun out of Monty's lapses but to try to get him on the right track in terms of his fielding and adequate batting. Otherwise, it is just letting resources of leg spin run down the drain.There are many British Asians not merely sikhs waiting to follow the footsteops of Monty.He is already a role model not only to British Sikhs but also to Indian sikhs as well. As Longmore suggested, he should be handled with care.

Read Longmore's article,,2094-2200221,00.html

Monty's lapses are no laughing matter
Andrew Miller


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