Sunday, July 30, 2006

Monty the SIKH and his struggle for recognition

After being away from computer for nearly a month, today I update my blog.It is a mere coincidence that I once again touch the same topic which I had last commented on.

You cannot never leave aside a sikh.It is just like attempting to keep a rubber ball under water.As soon as the pressure is released, ball will be on the surface.Yesterday was a memorable day from sports point of view. In the country I am resident. Sanga and Mahela re wrote the cricket history by being the first pair to surpass 600 runs in all form of the game. In the country where I am based right now, my favourite ALL BLACKS yet again demonstrated the prowess of their rugby skills by taking a sweet revenge on Aussies who made the Haka a big issue. It was really a thriller and probably the best rugby match I have ever seen in my life.Richi MaCaw was simply brilliant as coach Henry said there was no more to be expected from him.

Then , In England, once again Pannessar forced many critics to eat their words. Is this really hypocracy of the White dominated society? Aren't they still ready to accept the contributions being made by the British of subcontinental heritage. I have highlighted the unreasonable comments made upon Pannesar in my blog and if someone searches the majority of my notes, then he will find all such comments reproduced by me.

He was criticised for his fielding for being sloppy and with the improvement of this aspect comes his uselessness in terms of his contribution in batting. A player mainly selected for his prowess in bowling and especially in an area in which England has scarce resources was harshly criticised for not being worth as a number 11. Monty proved his worth by slamming world's best spinner( as we Asians believe, according to the envious Anglo saxon experts, number two in the world and the cheater and chucker)over the ropes .Monty scored 20 plus in a game where more prominent batters gave in to Murali magic. Still Monty was laughed upon.In the game just concluded against PAKs, He captured 5 wickets and showed the path of victory to a team which was on its knee after having been thrashed by Sri Lankans which they rated just above Bangladeshis by 5-0 in ODIs.

Monty's contribution was significant as Pakistan was a team which was at its ease against playing spinners.Players like Yousuf, Inzamam are real good players of spin.How can you beliitle efforts of a man who has proved his credentials against the three best teams which play spin well.First it was against India, the land of his heritage, then it was against Sri Lanka and finally now it was against Pakistan.

What else do you have to prove to be considred as a player of the class of the super league? I cannot understand the logic of British newspapers and the cricket Pundits.


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