Thursday, April 27, 2006


This is my work place. The country's prmier centre of disease control. I have been there for less than a year. But, the job satisfaction my being there broguht me was awesome. As a young medical graduate, I dreamt of coming here, but that was never easy. Several stumbling blocks were in place. A young resident had to decide where he was going to feel comfortable. He was at crossroad. There were many paths leading to different destinations. I had to select a relevant one. Of course not to regret later. I made my decision. it was just like having many faiths before you. But sikhism was your choice. Same way, I made the decision. It was public health. Narowed it down to EPIDEMIOLOGY.
People keep asking me why I opted for Public Health. There were many lucrative fields in medicine. Had I continued in Anaesthesia which I was in after my internship, I would have earned a lot. But, joy epidemiology gives me is immeasurable. Mental satisfaction is something money cannot buy.True, one needs money. But, as a true sikh, I need to do Kar Sewa. I have no spare time. In my current post, I can do a lot to improve the well being of tens of thousands.That is my kar sewa. My planning, policies we develop, interventions we design bring joyous smile to many fellow beings. Countless love and sewa to fellow being is what Guru's taught us. Guru's contribution in the cholera epidemic finally claiming his life is a true expression of sikhism in public health. So death in the process of investigation of a deadly disease is a divine invitation for me to follow guru's way. We prech on changing life styles. increased physical activity. Isn't that what sikhi's do by gatka. We promote gender equity. Isn't that what the Gurus preached in Hindustan a years ago.We talk about mental well being. Is n't that what they introduced by meditation, nam japna.So being a Public Health practitioner means practicing practical sikhism for me.Guru's sought reasons for continuation of life and showed the path for salvation. Is n't that what epidemiology is ( Epidemiolgy- distribution and determinants of diseases, events and health related phenomenon in the population). What is the aim of epidemiology? It is to remove factors causing the disease. Quite similar to Guru's path showing elimnation of factors causing our attachment to materai world.
For even a single moment never do I regret that I choose community health as it approximates me to sikh dharma. It binds me with the Wahi Guru. When , I visit a remote village, in smiles of poor peasants and labourers I see wahiguru's compassion.
Sikhism and health travels together. A true sikh is healthy and his well being is ensured



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