Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Weather is terrible today in Dunedin. It rains cat and dogs. On top of the rain, It is so cold. I must somehow attend the University. I felt like staying at home. However, with reluctance, I mad my way to the university. Finally, I sit at the table and open my mails. Can a gloomy and hopeless day be turned out in to a day of cheers ?.
In my mail box, I found Manjit Singh ji's e mail. He was the person who exposed Guru ji's visit to Sri Lanka in depth. In my quest for reseraching Sikhism in Lanka, I find his abstract of the presentation which he presented in a simposium in Lanka. It explicitly shows that Guru ji's visit to Lanka was not a myth but a fact.Today he sends me the original article. I am so elated because I will be able to read it in the afternoon as I have nothing special to do in this gloomy day. Thanks a lot Manjit ji. I may need your guidance to sort out some more issues related to these historical queries.At least now I know there is a scholar whom I can look forward to. Now, I want to put everything to together and start. My blog should be a place where anyone can find all references to sikhism in ceylon although it doesnot exist today. I think this is a task entrusted upon me by the IK ONG KAR. I am happy and happy as any one can be.
In that elated mood let me reflect on something else.This is the concept of health and sikhism which I love to elaborate on in details in the future.
Health has been defined by the World Health Organisation as "the physical, mental, social and spiritual well being and not merely the absence of diseases". The path demonstrated by the Sikh dharma incorporates all these aspects. Thus, concept of health is not new to sikhis. It has always been a part of our lifestyle. As a public health professional, when I happen to read Sikh history, Rehyat marda or any document related to sikhi, I discover the inclusion of the essence of being healthy in Sikhism.

Mental health has always been associated with and is essential to be in equilibrium with the physical component. Has there been any other strategy than Naam Japna (meditation on the name) to achieve mental equlibrium. Many sikh health scientists have demonstrated Nam Simran as the prefect antidote for tension .Yoga is essential for harmonious function of many physical organs and the mind. Person who mediates to be merged with the TRUTH possesses a pristinely clear mind and it invariably soothes his inner self leading him to a state of tranquillity. It ensures harmonious function of his body and soul. With day to day mind control, his adrenalin levels will be controlled leaving target organs intact. This is only a small introduction. With the time being, I intend to explicitly describe how mind training will help a gurumukh to be healthy and happy. I have adopted practically meditation, Nam simran in my life. It has yielded enormous benefits to me . So let me stop for today , just reminding you the value of mind training as a true gursikh.


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