Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Karachchi sikhs want support of global sikhs

Dear Gursikh

According to a report in the SIKH SANGAT NEWS, an ancient sikh gurudwara will be demolished in Karachchi, Pakistan very soon. Rattan Tala gurudwara which is the only place of worship for Karachchi, SINDHI SIKHS. Built in 1932, GD was taken over by the ministry of education during General Zia's regime. However, it remained open for worshipers. According to the article in SS, police has intervened in the pretext that worshipping had disturbed students.Now, it has been ordered to be demolished as it is dilapidated condition.

This is an eye opening for our community as we have several responsibilities as believers of our religiion before us
1. We must support our Sindhi brothers. Sikhism is a faith followed by multi ethnic communites. Sindhis have long been Guru's followers. Karachchi sikh's have a right to have their GD undemolished
2. Pakistani's should be proud of the heritage of their forefathers.Be they muslims, it is the same sindhis who belonged to a different faith constructed and used this GD. Cultural heritage sites should be supported by the government
3. International sikh organisations ought to raise their voices and help our brothers through available channels .
4.Already, a letter has been sent to Sri Manmohan ji, sikhs in the indian government must use their good relationship with Pakistani counterparts to save GD.

If you would like to read the full story, please log on to SS News site /article_951. shtml

May guru's grace upon you
Wahi Guru ji ka khalsa, wahi guru ji ki fateh


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