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Here is a list of sikhi cricketers who were awarded test caps. This is just the begining of the listing of the cricketers. Therefore, there could be many errors, omisions and inclusion of non sikhi " singhs" in the list. Your comments and information are highly appreciated.

Lal Singh - ( India) -16.09.1909. The very first sikhi to play test cricket . Played in the inaugural test match of India.

Yadawindra Singh ( maharaja of Patiala) ( India). 17.o1.1913

A.G.S.Kirpal Singh ( India). 8.6.1933

A.G.S.Milka Singh ( India) . 31.12.1941. Brother of AGS Kirpal Singh .

Bishen Singh Bedi ( India). 25. 09.1946. The most illustrated sikh test cricketer. Had the distinction of leading the Indian test team. He was the first sikh who had the honour of leading a national test side. Comprised the deadly spin trio in 1970s with chandrasekhar, Prasanna and sent shivers down spines of many test cricketers all over the world.

His sikhi spirit is reflected in one incident. In Karachchi, a muslim boy was struggling for his life without having Group O bllod to be transfused. An unanonimous caller promised to donate blood to this Pakistani boy. A sikh apparent by his characters gifetd by Great warrior , saint Guru Gobind Singh ji appeared and dontaed blood. The donor was non other than this great man, Bishen Ji"
Yograj Singh. 25.03.1958.Better known as "Yuvraj Singh's father"than the solitary test he played as a right hand batter and a right arm medium pacer. His entire life was dedicated to moulding of Yuvraj as a cricketer in an agggresive way.In his words, moulding Yuvraj and him being awarded the test cap was the glorious moment of taking sweet revenge to what he describes as injustice meted out to him .
Manindar Singh _ 13.06.1965. A sikh who was predicted to be in the foot steps of Great Bishen.But contrary to expectations, Mani was not able to realise his true potential. His carrear was limted to 35 testmatches where he picked up 88 wickets. Mani's voice is heard in cricket as a commentator.He is one of my favourites
Balwinder Singh Sandhu- A medium pace bowler who played 8 test matches in the era of Kapil Dev .

Navjot Singh Sidhu- Navjot may be the best batter among those the sikhis ever produced. I may be wrong. But, according to the statistics , he deserves to hold this mantle. Siddhu was such an aggresive batsman, once great Sri lankan cricketer, Aravinda had written in his newspaper column, seeing a sikh turban, nearly made world's greatest off spinner, Muralidharan collapse.This was following the way , Navjot chased the spin king dancing down the track in a series against Sri lanka.
He is by far the best commentator I ever have listened to. He is controversial to many. His use of language is innovative, fresh, likable and sarcastic. "As cool as a cucumber", "As sweet as candy", "Ritender Singh Sodi is poisonous as a rattle snake" are some of his trade mark use of language.
Gursaran Singh (India)-8.3.1963.Played one test as a right hand batsman

Harvinder Singh(India)- 23.12.1977. Right arm fast medium bowler.

Harbhajan Singh(India)-3.06.1980. One of the lethal weapons India has in spin department.Bhaji is perhaps the greatest spinner in the sikhi world after Bishen Ji. He has all ingerdients to be one of the great spinners in the world. He is a fighter of true sikhi spirit and never gives up in batting also though he is not a great batsman.

Yuvraj Singh( India) -02.12.1981 He has the potential to be the greatest sikhi batsman. A fighter to the end can end up as the Indian captain in the future. He was moulded aggressively by his father " Yograj Singh" as a revenge to the ill treatment reported to have been received by yograj personally.
Sarandeep Singh- (India) ,-21,10,1979 He is a right-handed batsman and a right-arm offbreak bowler. In his debut match he took six wickets in Nagpur

Monty Pannessar(England)- He is the first of sikhi warriors to fight for a country other than India in cricket. Born to Punjabi parents, people will talk about this spinner in many more years ot come. Ironically, he made his debut against the land of his parents. He was fortunate to play a game in Punjab in the presence of his grand parents. He has manged to bag the prize wicket of Sachin Tendulkar.Monty is already an inspiration to Asians and afro carribeans in UK.


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