Sunday, April 09, 2006


Guru Fateh ji,
Celebration of the 307 th anniversary of the inititaion of khalsa panth will get underway soon. Sikh sanghat all over the world will celebrate this important event in less than a week from today.
Every time I read the event in a book that I posess, it describes that on this fateful day, sikh congregations as far as from Kabul , Dhakha and Lanka from the south gathered at Anandpur sahib.
This has led me to believe that three centuries ago, there had been a sikh sanghat in Sri Lanka.Today, Sri lanka is predominantly Buddhist with Hindu and Muslims forming the two large minority religious groups. It is interesting to reserach the sikh history and legacy of Sikh Dharma in Sri Lanka.
I am already in search of materials pertaining to Guru Nanak Ji's visit to this land blessed with footsteps of Lord Buddha.It inspires a lot to know that the great warior, saint Guru Gobind Singh ji had sanghat from this tiny island. Can any learned sikh scholar, historian let me know any thing about this particular matter? Can any body let me know any written material on the subject? I am indebted to all who help me in this mission.
May you all have a great vaishaki celebration
Wahi Guru Ji ka Khalsa
Wahi Guru ji ki fateh


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