Saturday, April 29, 2006


I spent three harsh years preparing my doctorate. Hardships that I encountered during this period was enormous. At times, It came to my mind why I should toil so much hard for a degree rather than trying to earn some quick bugs. I was deprived of finacial allocations due for the project by an envious scholar. Finally, circumstances forced me to complete the mission with money out of my pocket.This actually delayed my submission of the thesis by a good year or so.
I my self collected most of data and to do so I had to leave by 2 a.m to distant places and to return by midnight. I had my lunch ( if you could term it as lunch) under the shade of trees in very remote areas. The negative feelings that sprang within myself were intolerable. But one thing kept me going. That was my rock hard sikh spirit.
In this whole process two great things inspired me. The rememberance of the saint solider, Guru Gobind Singh ji kept me going. Whenever I was down and out, I rose with more energy than it was never before when I kept my eyes closedand remebered Guru ji's strength. I never looked back. Strength I derived from his remeberance was awesome.
The other radiant source was living Guru " Guru Granth Sahib Ji". Reading SGGSJ highlighted the way I should stand out. It showed relevant Banis to my study. Finally, I quoted one of them in the very first page of my thesis. In preface, I noted the energy I absorbed from reading SGGSJ .
Today, I was told by a guy who happened to read about SGGSJ in my acknowledgement in the thesis that he wanted to know what SGGSJ was. Thus, every time, somebody reads my thesis in the library, they find the name of SGGSJ. I was happy that I was able to explain these guys about our living guru. It is revealed daily to many who know nothing about our faith. Is n't this a divine opportunity for a mere mortal like me.
I reap the fruits from seeds of desperation that I sow under the influence of Wahi Guru.
Wahi Guru Ji Ka khalsa
Wahi Guru ji ki fateh


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