Sunday, April 30, 2006


ASH SINGH writes in his blog (
) how butterflies were felt in the stomach before doing a group class. It is true that when such a group is encountered , one has to be confident as there could be missiles of questions being hurled at you. You should be able to answer them in a convincing manner so as to convince the audience.

I could remember the very first lecture that I did. By my standards it was a disaster. Later I had to deal with a lot on routine basis as a part of my work. Luckily, I was trained a little time later in the course leading to my master’s degree, presentation skills. Soon after my masters I was in a field where I needed to convince people to change their behaviours and inculcate new , positive health behaviours. My target audiences were also different. Thus, everyday, it was a new group, new level of demand, new level of stress and exhaustion. I had to raise the bar myself.

My next stage was university. I did have to teach undergrads. It was a novel experience for me. By now , I was feeling confident to a certain extent and it helped me a lot for many endeavours which were still to come.

Now I am in the national level and demand is so great. I have to be ready to deliver a lecture , be involved in a discussion, conduct a session at the shortest notice. Sometimes, I have to represent the country in an international fora. Totally different to each other platforms. Still, I have lot to do to master the perfection of art of talking. In this task, My sikh philosophy is of immense use for me

As ASH SINGH says, when you get ready for the toughest, real life is lot easier . I can’t agree no more ASH. As Shakespeare said word is a stage for us to be actors.


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Ranjan Veer Ji
It is so nice to find another Public Health Specialist on Sikh Blog World. You blog seems to express what I feel about Public Health and Sikhism. I use to have 3 friends from Sri Lanka ( during my undergrad years). I always thought I will visit Sri Lanka. Many years ago I really did not like Sri Lankan Cricket team. I still remember year 1996 when Sri Lanka won semifinal match playing against India . Now I love Sri Lankan team. Sri Lanka looks like my own country when I am not longer living in India. Talk about change in perspective!

01 May, 2006 13:34  
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