Friday, August 21, 2009

Road side wisdom- all inclusive in the meal package

Advices to the general public is very common. In a society like SL, it starts at home. Then it is given at schools, religious places. TV and Radio also have programs to bombard people with advices of a variable nature. Contrary to these conventional method,a bizarre yet an innovative mode of advising the passengers was found in a road side boutique on the way from Kesbewa to Kalutara ( New Kandy road). First set of advices in the first picture includes
1.laziness leads to slavery
2.Patience is responsible for achieving many things.
3. Being angry destroys self and others.
4. Being frank makes humans noble
5. experience generates a new man.
6.Thoughts and aspirations cannot be imprisoned.
7. Love is the flower blossomed in the garden of life.
The second set of advice in the second picture includes
1. foolishness is a severe disease.
2.Joyous smile is the best cream for a face.
3.Tranqualised mind is the best medicine for a sleep.
4. Man is excellent, poisonous and extremely poisionus
5. A man without a shame is a walking dead body.

The third set of advices in the third frame entails;
1. Be careful of the friend who flatters you rather than the enemy who attacks you
2. A modest woman is a goddess.
All these advices are included in the meal price. No VAT and other levies are added on. Next time when you are off to the South of Sri Lanka, just don't miss these free of charge advices. cheers.



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