Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amazing trip to Soweto, South Africa

Difference of two worlds. Still Soweto is very much behind the metropolis JOBURG. Arts on the body of two towers in the picture are terrific. I love SA, Joburg and even Soweto despite the risk for any outsider. Gun culture is very much alive they say in Soweto.

Amazing memorial to Hector. He will eternally live in the hearts and minds of South Africans. He and others sacrificed their present for the future of South Africans in partcular Blacks, coloreds and Indians.

The visit to Hector pieterson memorial was really memorable. We had the opportnity to see his sister who is working in the library. The child who carries Hector in that world renowned picture ( Top left).

This was my companion in the bus to Soweto. Soweto means the South Western township. It is the craddle of anti apartheid struggle. I am fortunate to be there as we supported the struggle of Bikos as school kids. It was a dream coming true for me. Hope, SA politicians will improve the life of Soweto kids. They may not let go the talents wasted. Education, rugby, cricket, soccer. So many avenues. On the way, the guide showed us an outlet of a chain of malls. Indeed the outlet @ Soweto. the owner was a milk delivering lad from Soweto. He is enormously rich today. A good lesson for many kids in Soweto.



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