Thursday, September 21, 2006


I love globe trotting.But I and my wife have decided whatever the outcome may be Sri Lanka is gonna be our home.

In July, I was travelling the bredth of Australia before coming bck to New Zealand where I am currently following a course in Public Helath Medicine. I was able to be in close contact with some singhalese expatriate community.As a researcher, I was able to note the diffrential behaviour of Sri Lankans when they are in a foreign country and back home.

1. Many of the expats were very cautious in driving in Aus and NZ. They all comply with road rules( Sri Lankan English) to the perfection.Backhome, the same blokes cannot wait a minute just after the green traffic lights start flashing after red.The vehicle in front is warned by the horn of the vehicle. Here they are willing to wait years without noise.

2. Many whom we met do not drive after drinking.Either the son or wife sit behind the wheel after traditional SL parties with liquor.

3. Parking is strictly limited to parking lots. Even for a moment, they do not forget to " PAY AND PARK" sign to make the payments.Backhome, the same guys park wherever they prefer.Forget about the parking fee.

4.They never drop you off at the place you want to get off.Your are asked to wait till they find the right place.

5. Some refered to SL as NARAKADIYA and openly questioned as if we were mad to go back to the country.

This reminded me an e mail sent to me regarding why we remain poor.

It says that the difference is the attitude of the people, framed along the years by the education & the culture in their countries but they change attitude as soon as they migrate.the same lazy blokes who were hell bent on rights and privileges not the responsibilities become responsible citizens contributing to the productivity of the new country.

Sociologist say these are the qualities they lacked in mother country and follow in adopted country

1. Ethics, as a basic principle.2. Integrity.3. Responsibility.4. Respect to the laws & rules. 5. Respect to the rights of other citizens. 6. Work loving.7. Strive for saving & investment.8. Will of super action.9. Punctuality


Blogger Sifar said...

I believe this is somethign practiced by all immigrants, whether they are Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, or immigrants from other countries in Asia and Europe..... We see it all the time here in North America... But with some exceptions, like some immigrants from carrabian islands and South/Latin American countries, who have no fear of the law and they drive and behave the same way they would have in thier native country....

22 September, 2006 09:46  

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