Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Rise from this grave
Release your anger and pain
As you soar the winds
Back to your homelands
There, find peace
With our spiritual mother, the land
Before drifting off into the dream time

(Quoted from the grave yard stone of Australian aborigines located in the Queen Victoria gardens in Melbourne)

Analytically, I admire the writer for identifying the pain and anger of the natives for the disruption of equilibrium that existed centuries. Their way of life was turned upside down, landscape was changed forever and some had to get rid of their lives so precious to their near and dear ones. Amazingly, though, the writer displays the elements of humanity in his blood by advising spirits to manage the uncontrollable anger and intolerable pain in the aftermath of a great injustice. Soothingly, he gives out the message to find everlasting peace in still untouched, harsh but virgin lap of the mother- Land. One of my favourites and no wonder I copied it from the moment it captured my eye.


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