Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mental strength, Aussie sports and examples

Sportsmen have to be tough. "Going gets tough and tough gets going". This Billy Ocean song re vibrated in my mind as I read the article "How spirit of Kokoda has put mongrel into Swans" in the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD. I always loved being tough and once you became mentally and physically sound, you never tended to disintegrate so easily come what adverse events.
Aussies are again in the front seat in inculcating the behaviour of using various situations to be tough in order to conquer the world.Stevan Waugh went to the war memorial to inspire players. Now comes the news from sydney as towhy footy team swan never looked back after their players were inspired by infamous Kokoda Trail.The man behind this latest inspiration was Sydney co-captain Brett Kirk's grandfather Wally Moras . After having treked over this trail, Kirk was so determined to make its presence felt in their game.
It had made them men.It gave them more determination on the field, the attitude of never give in.Moras inspired the other players reminding them of the trail and it has yielded remarkable results."I think they learnt from it that you always carry on, you never give in" added Moras.
Just judge the impact of this on the behaviour of the players in the words of Kirk to the author of the article , David Sygle."It taught me a lot about mental and physical strength and what the human body's able to endure, to push your way through. But also about what other people have sacrificed for us to be able to live the way we do."
Two conclusions can be made from this simple example:
Being physically and mentally strong can bring immeasurable amount of results
secondly, the inspiration may come from little things that we ignore in our past or what our elders did.
Physical and mental strength are pivotal in our sikh way of life as Gatka and conquering mind are integral parts of our belief.That is why sikhs are trained to be physically and mentally sound.This is the greatest investment a human being can make in his lifetime.
Read the article on the story of Kokoda trail inspiration


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